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The London Energy Efficiency Fund (LEEF)

LEEF Presentation Slides

Many thanks to everyone who attended the LEEF Presentation at this year’s Base London, July 11th. The presentation slides are available to download here.

An Introduction

LEEF has £100m from the European Regional Development Fund and London Green Fund to be lent to public or private sector borrowers on projects that promote energy efficiency

LEEF will work with building owners, public and voluntary sector bodies, developers, ESCOs, energy companies and other project promoters

LEEF can also support larger projects such as Combined Heat and Power, District Heating and Renewable Energy Generation

Loans are extremely flexible and competitive; with tenors of up to 10 years and interest rates from 1.65% per annum

You can benefit from LEEF if…

You are undertaking a refurbishment programme / retrofit project in a London-located private / public / voluntary sector building (including commercial landlords and corporates)

Your works contribute to improved energy efficiency through reducing consumption and/or carbon emissions

Your funding requirement is between £1m and £20m


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