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Amber Opens LEEF Applications To Wider Audience

London Energy Efficiency Fund Now Available to Private Sector

The Amber Green Consortium, led by Amber Infrastructure Limited (Amber), the leading sponsor and manager of social and economic infrastructure projects, has announced that the London Energy Efficiency Fund (LEEF), is now open to the private sector, in addition to public, voluntary and third sector bodies.
The £100m fund has £80m remaining to invest in energy efficiency retrofit projects in London by the end of 2015 and the widening of the application scope will allow for an even greater range of buildings and bodies across the UK’s capital to receive the following benefits:

  • lower energy bills
  • reduced CRC liabilities
  • lower operation and maintenance costs
  • refurbished and enhanced work environments
  • improved Carbon footprints; and
  • a contribution to any Corporate Social Responsibility policies

LEEF is able to provide successful applicants with flexible and competitive long-term financing terms, for requirements between £1 - 20 million.
Leo Bedford, Programme Director for Amber, commented; “We are pleased to be increasing the scope of projects available to receive funds from LEEF. We are proud of the work that has already been done to make London a greener and more energy efficient city, and look forward to providing greater access to a source of affordable capital that promotes long-term sustainability goals while realising financial benefits for consumers.”

“The LEEF team have been flexible and supportive in working with us to structure a £20m corporate loan facility at a competitive interest rate. As an organisation we were pleased to be able to access LEEF to support our sustainability objectives whilst also realising best value in financing costs.”

Finance Director, London Charity

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